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what we do and why we do it

Fantastic! You are going to study - congratulations!
Whats the biggest problem to solve? Right - finding a suitable accommodation for the time of your studies.

One way to solve that is to check some search engines for student housing, click several websites and spend hours and hours to find your favorite one.

The other way is the smart way - use our website to inform yourself about the offer of living space in your future study-location.

Live & Study makes it easier for students to find a suitable apartment for the duration of their studies!
We make sure, that every student has the opportunity to apply for living space that meets their individual needs within a very short period of time.

We are building this service nationally and internationally for many existing university locations!

Finding a suitable apartment should not be a master's thesis for students. It should work quick and easy - with LIVE & STUDY.

Our website shows you a maximum selection of suitable living space at the university location you are looking for and accelerates the application process and the chance to get a suitable apartment by sending a collective request to all your favorites at the same time.
Due to the large number of apartment offers, there surely will be at least one suitable property for everyone.

And the best: LIVE & STUDY is not interested in saving your personal data, but rather help students to find the right apartment quick and easy.

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          Wherever you are going
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