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Theese are your advantages if you registrate as a partner:

  • offers a huge range for your housing offer
  • is a specialized platform for your target group
  • delivers a better market overwiew
  • delivers more qualified rental enquiries for your dormitory
  • offers a modern and attractive type of presentation
  • advertises your dormitory
  • you do not need search engine optimization for your dormitory
  • throughout you will have better marketing and optimize your booking situation
  • there are no negative or even fake reviews on
  • offers presentation of your dormitory including various room types
  • is easy to use
  • you can measure success at any time by our integrated analysis tool
  • does not intervene your workflows and further processing
  • offers appropriate pricing models and discount scales

who we are
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  1. Live & Study is the first point of contact for students when looking for suitable living space!
  2. We are the first platform specifically for student housing providers to reach a huge market!
  3. We present housing for students nationally and internationally for every university location!
  4. We offer providers a maximum of search queries from which suitable applicants can be selected!
  5. We offer providers an attractive and modern platform for the presentation of a student residance!
  6. We make providers independent of search engine results or rankings and thus ensure fair competition!

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